NSI Drama Prize

I am more than way overdue for some blog updates. Again, it’s for all good reasons, but I apologize for the long delay. If you want more frequent updates feel free to follow me on twitter or Facebook.

Probably my biggest news is that in December, I was thrilled to be accepted into the renowned NSI Drama Prize Program for my short film, Divorce Photographer! I will be directing and writing and Shannon Fewster will be producing. What this means is that we’ll be doing a two week bootcamp in early March, and then will receive mentorship, cash, and sponsored support to help us shoot and complete this 10 minute short film.

I was beyond happy to be accepted, after a year of many different grant applications and several years of working with next to no resources – so a huge thank you to the NSI for choosing us and giving us this opportunity. I can’t wait to start our bootcamp and can’t wait to go through the whole process this year.

Here’s a link to the press release:

And if you want to follow our progress on our film, feel free to like our Facebook page:

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