Gold Teeth – Rock Bottom

Music vid I shot and directed last Nov is finally released… produced by Cole Kidd, check it out!

Music vid I shot for London Swagger is also up on YouTube:


TIFF 2012

Hey everyone, it’s been a really long time since I’ve done any updates, but that’s for good (read: busy) reasons. Fall 2012 was busier than I expected it would be, and January/Feb brought about some great opportunities, so I’m just now doing some site updates.


-Attended TIFF as an industry delegate for 10 days
-Attended Women in the Director’s Chair Workshop at the Banff Centre in Nov and Jan/Feb – shot a scene from my feature film
-Wrote a feature film script

-Shot a short film and photos with Canadian celebs Jane MacLean, Corey Sevier, Cristina Rosato, DJ Miguel and Daniel DiSanto
-Was cinematographer on short film Roomies
-Shot two music videos, for London Swagger and Gold Teeth
-Was cinematographer on a corporate film in January

I’ve updated the site with a new Cinematography section and will add more work as it becomes available.

WIDC 2013

Guy vs. Girl Shoot

Inspiration: Sam Roberts, Rumbleseat, After Effects

I’m currently working on one of the hardest projects I’ve ever done, so forgive me if my posts will be a bit slow these days. For this project, I’ve been learning Adobe After Effects… and getting really excited about the possibilities.

Here are some videos and songs that get me all jazzed about things:

One of my fave short films/bravoFACTs ever…

Some pretty cool comping in this. I like that Sam’s videos aren’t super slick/polished.

This video has pretty simple effects, and I do feel more could have been done with it, but an amazing song nonetheless.

I’ve loved this video forever…

Directed by the one and only Floria Sigismondi…

Queen of Clubs Now Online


Last week was another busy week as I attended both the Female Eye Film Festival, and Breakthroughs Film Festival. Both events were huge successes… on Friday night, my short film Queen of Clubs played to a sold out crowd before the feature film Beat Down by director Deanne Foley. Beat Down drew a crowd and rightfully so – it’s a hilarious film about an eighteen year old girl who only wants to wrestle like her dad once did – but he’s doing everything he can to stop her from getting sucked into that world. It was an honor to screen before this film and alongside two other really great short films – Bill, Please! and Lady Bare Knuckles. It was a solid program overall.

On Saturday night I was at the inaugural Breakthroughs Film Festival, hosted by Octavia Films. They are a new not-for-profit in Toronto and focus on fostering female filmmakers under age 30. 12 short films, including my film BODYMAX screened that night, and they were all very strong. It was also great to see such a variety of genres and styles.

So, because it’s now done it’s festival run, I’m officially releasing Queen of Clubs online. We made this film in spring 2011 as part of the 24-hour Toronto Film Challenge.
I apologize for the long wait, but finally I can share it with you, an online audience!

If you haven’t already seen it, also check out BODYMAX which recently won first place at the 48-hour Toronto Film Challenge just recently.

Finally, a big thank you to both festivals for screening my films! Hosting a film festival of any size is no small feat, and it’s great to know there is so much support out there. I hope to do it again next year!


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Screenings This Week!

Queen of Clubs TEASER from Christine Buijs on Vimeo.

Just a quick post for now – I’m about to head off and register for the Female Eye Film Festival which kicks off today in Toronto. Later this week one of my films will be screening and this is officially my first time in a film fest!

The Female Eye film fest celebrates films created by – yup you guessed it – female filmmakers. There are also lots of free panels. More info is on their website:

And in some interesting timing, the Breakthroughs Film Fest, which features short films directed by women under 30, is happening Saturday night! There really aren’t enough initiatives for women in this category who are emerging and building experience, so kudos to the Breakthroughs team for the work they’re doing.

I’d love it if you could come out and support me, and other young female filmmakers and check out the screenings! Here is all the info:

QUEEN OF CLUBS screening as part of the

6:30pm – 8:30pm
Carlton Cinema
20 Carlton Street at Yonge
Tickets $10 at the door
Festival link:

BODYMAX screening as part of the

The Projection Booth
1035 Gerrard Street East
Tickets $15 at the door
Our film will be in competition so it’s up for awards!
Festival link:


Finally, one last plug – this week I saw an amazing theatre production called The Loyalists put on by my friends over at Single Thread Theatre Company. Based on the War of 1812, audience members not only watch but actually participate in a story where the town of York (Toronto) has been occupied by American troops, and attempt to resist the occupation and take back their land. This production is unlike your usual sit in a theatre and watch show… you get to actually participate and are given tasks and can roam around and take in one of many possible storylines. It’s the type of show you can see more than once, and has been getting great reviews from audience members and critics. Check it out while you still have the chance – it will be an experience to remember. It closes Friday night. Tickets and info are on the Single Thread website: