ECS Coffee Shoot

In January I teamed up with Director/Producer Steve Jesse over at Corporate Films Canada to DP this commercial for ECS Coffee, which airs starting tomorrow on CHCH Hamilton.

Single Thread Theatre – Firebrand Trailer

Back in Dec I also shot this trailer for Single Thread Theatre Company, for their show which just opened yesterday, FIREBRAND .

This was shot in just two hours and with entirely natural light, as we had very tight constraints to work with from the Mackenzie House Museum (which was open that day). Proof that good stuff can happen in short periods of time as long as it’s well planned.

Music Video Shoot – Don’t Get the Clap

Back in December, I teamed up with local Drag Queen Vicki Lix to shoot and direct her first music video parody: Don’t Get the Clap. (Based on Nikki Minaj’s Beez in the Trap).

Here’s the video:

NSI Drama Prize

I am more than way overdue for some blog updates. Again, it’s for all good reasons, but I apologize for the long delay. If you want more frequent updates feel free to follow me on twitter or Facebook.

Probably my biggest news is that in December, I was thrilled to be accepted into the renowned NSI Drama Prize Program for my short film, Divorce Photographer! I will be directing and writing and Shannon Fewster will be producing. What this means is that we’ll be doing a two week bootcamp in early March, and then will receive mentorship, cash, and sponsored support to help us shoot and complete this 10 minute short film.

I was beyond happy to be accepted, after a year of many different grant applications and several years of working with next to no resources – so a huge thank you to the NSI for choosing us and giving us this opportunity. I can’t wait to start our bootcamp and can’t wait to go through the whole process this year.

Here’s a link to the press release:

And if you want to follow our progress on our film, feel free to like our Facebook page:


TIFF 2012

Hey everyone, it’s been a really long time since I’ve done any updates, but that’s for good (read: busy) reasons. Fall 2012 was busier than I expected it would be, and January/Feb brought about some great opportunities, so I’m just now doing some site updates.


-Attended TIFF as an industry delegate for 10 days
-Attended Women in the Director’s Chair Workshop at the Banff Centre in Nov and Jan/Feb – shot a scene from my feature film
-Wrote a feature film script

-Shot a short film and photos with Canadian celebs Jane MacLean, Corey Sevier, Cristina Rosato, DJ Miguel and Daniel DiSanto
-Was cinematographer on short film Roomies
-Shot two music videos, for London Swagger and Gold Teeth
-Was cinematographer on a corporate film in January

I’ve updated the site with a new Cinematography section and will add more work as it becomes available.

WIDC 2013

Guy vs. Girl Shoot