New 2012 Cinematography Demo Reel

I’ve had a very busy fall and am overdue for a blog update! I spent fall working on Showcase’s tv show Lost Girl, worked on several short films with the Canadian Film Centre, and have been shooting a music video, among other things.

It’s been nice to finally have some down time to get caught up on some editing…Including something I’m very proud to share – my new 2012 Demo Reel! This has been an overwhelming but awesome experience. It’s not easy to compile the best footage from over a year’s worth of work, but it’s also fun to go back and review everything, and the end of the year is a perfect time to do this.

The last few weeks have also been a time of looking forward as well as looking back – I’ve been developing several new scripts and ideas and look forward to seeing these materialize over the coming year. I’ll of course keep you posted on this blog (and more frequently on my twitter, @christinebuijs), and I’d like to wish everyone a great holiday season and happy new year! 2011 has been an amazing year and I look forward to what 2012 brings.

What Disturbs Our Blood – Author Video

Just finished up this author video for my friend James FitzGerald, where he talks about his grandfather, Dr. John Gerald FitzGerald. John G. FitzGerald was a very driven man who helped lay the foundation for Canada’s public health system as we know it today. His relentless work helped save countless lives, but in the process he worked himself into the ground. A tragic but riveting story – the book is a fantastic piece of non-fiction.

The Accidental Sea

Check out this fantastic little docu-short – shot with a 5D Mark 2 and a steadicam merlin.

Fantastic storytelling and shots. I really want to go here now.

Also, the guy at the end is featured in the movie Into the Wild, one of my fave movies. It’s cool to see that him and his art are actually real.

This week, the Worldwide Short Film Fest kicks off tomorrow night, and I’ll be there pretty much all day every day from Wed-Sun, taking in panels and screenings. More on that later!

The Reel Challenge Contest

Just finished up another two projects, this time for the Canadian Film Centre’s Reel Challenge Contest. The challenge is to create a 90 second or less film that addresses the issue of digital piracy and how it can hurt creative industries. We shot this past Sunday on location at Dundas Square, and my studio – and for the past week I have been editing my ass off to get these two entries in on time. The deadline was last night, Friday at midnight, and the second one finished uploading with just 50 seconds to spare!

Keep Sharing Mutual from Christine Buijs on Vimeo.

This Is My Worth from Christine Buijs on Vimeo.

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Rode VideoMic Pro

…there’s a new kid on the block, and it’s the Rode VideoMic Pro:

This seems like Rode’s answer to the Sennheiser MKE400. This has put a kink in my plans! Now I’m gonna see if I can get my hands on one to do some testing, or at least keep my eyes peeled on the reviews.

There may be a part two to my last post of mic review … this time just between the two frontrunners, the Sennheiser and the Rode. I’ll try to keep it a little more short and sweet!